Building Address

Flux Arts Building
2505 Howard St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Four artists living the dream.
Potek Glass (Malcom and Kara) and Clay Squared to Infinity (Josh and Layl) joined forces partnering to purchase this wonderful building we call the Flux Arts Building. We completely refurbished the building in 2018 with the partnership with the John Kramer and Jennifer Young of the California Building Co.  

We all have been working in our disciplines for more than 20 years. We designed the spaces and the building for established career artists needing the type of amenities that full career artist usually are looking for to create their work. Large garage doors inside and out, big windows, skylights, plenty of electricity, high ceilings, and common space, 

​Come visit our studios and see what we do with clay and glass for homes,  public art and classes to learn skills in the arts. ​

The Grand Opening

We had over 400 people attend our grand opening on February 15th and 16th 2019. It was an amazing show of support of the community. Thank you.

The Restoration

In February 2018 we closed on this foreclosed building. We started by ripping off the roof and gutting all the walls, pipes and cleaning up the building. The building was actually seven separate buildings that were merged into one half city block over almost a hundred years. 
The first building records show in 1924 a gas station was constructed on the corner of Lowry and Howard. Then in 1925 the Grocery store with a living space above was built on the corner of Lowry and Monroe. The space in-between was filled in with an Artificial Ice company. At the time ice was something only nature made. So making ice was called Artificial Ice making. As the buildings expanded for a larger garage down Howard. Then history gets fuzzy with what and why they built what they did. 
We do know there was a Screen printing company. Macaroni maker, Stage-Brite entertainment and lighting systems.  At one time stories were told the building was called Mary Jane for the distribution of that product. More recently a church.

Renovation Photos