Flux Arts

Glass – Handmade Tile – Polymer Clay – Oh My!

2019 Home Tour April 27-28

When you are a newborn baby people love to check you out. We were approached the the Minneapolis – St. Paul Home tour to showcase the new the Flux Arts Building with all of the remodeling we did. While they don’t typically have commercial buildings on the tour coordinator Margo Ashmore wanted to highlight how similar it is for commercial spaces and residential to be built out. She loved our new experiential tile bathrooms. Also how we took an old building in the city and gave it new life instead of tearing it down and putting up a unremarkable new buildings. That is what the home tour is all about underscoring how to reuse and breathing new life into old buildings and show case their character.

Two Art Couples

Four artists living the dream.
Purchasing a foreclosed building and turning it into art studios and extra rental spaces for  additional artists. ​